As an Integrative Wellness specialist who lives with BRACA2 herself, Kimberly is highly visible in the community. Noticing a lack of support and awareness in Jackson, she established Fundamental Health Solutions as a beacon of convenient and affordable access to women’s health counseling.


From her own experiences

with the diagnosis, Kimberly has developed a successful journal series that gives her patients and their families guidelines for creating healthy habits that combat negative behaviors. “The Power Thought Journal Series” educates patients on the importance of mindset, nutrition, movement, and routine in the treatment of overwhelm, depression and anxiety resulting from breast surgery and surgical menopause. By providing results-based evidence, Kimberly empowers her patients and their families to overcome challenges with simple instructions for leading a healthy, successful life inside and out.

Her Facebook Live discussions are an interactive means of engaging with women and their families to encourage them to discuss their concerns, and release the stigma that accompanies mental illness. Kimberly often gives thanks for her journey and tells her listeners to thrive with their diagnosis. As she says: “I can help others discover that the place of your greatest sacrifice will release the greatest success in your life.