You decide to take this one life and one body that you have and make it the BEST it’s ever been. 


Welcome to Fundamental Health Solutions!


We’re bringing healthy back!  We want you to be your best in mind, body, and soul (yeah, I know it sounds kind of cliche, but trust me on this).  We want to give you the tools and strategies to start shifting your lifestyle so your body is energized and strong, so your mind is clear and inspired, so your soul is recharged and connected to something greater. We want you to shine.

Fundamental Health Solutions is a one-of-a-kind Therapy and Integrative Wellness center in Jackson. Led by Kimberly Lovelady, one of the top Integrative psychotherapists in Tennessee, our comprehensive approach addresses every aspect of care. Ranging from diagnosis to treatment to ongoing support, Fundamental Health Solutions, a premier Integrative wellness center in Jackson, works to help treat you.

Lovelady's Story

Kimberly received a life threatening breast diagnosis herself. As a result, she possesses a unique understanding of the frustrations surrounding treatment and the need for compassionate, ongoing support.


Community Involvement

Noticing a lack of support and awareness in Jackson, Kimberly established Fundamental Health Solutions as a beacon of convenient and affordable access to women’s health counseling.


Unique Insight

She believes that active, non-judgmental discussions will persuade breast trauma sufferers and their families to find their voice, eliminating the dangerous stigma that prevents them from seeking out the support they need.


About Kimberly Lovelady, LMSW, MPH

Will and I met in grad school and got married 2 years later.

My loves.

Change Your Lifestyle Change Your Life. This is my amazing class of lifestyle coaches and master trainers at BWHI!

Youngest of three. Classic younger sibling. Love my brother and sister!

Finish my first journal series on positive thinking. I self-published.

Social justice and ice cream. Self care + advocacy.


We encourage you to book an appointment with Jackson Mental Health Integrative Medicine specialist, Kimberly Lovelady, today. The introductory evaluation will include an assessment and discussion of potential treatment options. Keep in mind, more than one evaluation might be necessary to conclude the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

If you have been looking for an Integrative Wellness specialist for women’s health, you have found one of the best. Not only in Jackson but the entire nation.