Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Kimberly earned her Master’s of Public Health from the Saint Louis University School of Public Health, where she majored in Community and Behavioral Health and Epidemiology. After completing her master’s and working in the field for several years, she continued her studies in Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. With two private practice locations in Tennessee, Kimberly invests her time not only in her centers but in speaking engagements and other media appearances to increase awareness about Reproductive Health treatment for black women.


Kimberly received a life

threatening breast diagnosis herself. She was diagnosed with the genetic mutation BRACA2. As a result, she possesses a unique understanding of the frustrations surrounding treatment and the need for compassionate, ongoing support. Her advocacy for black women getting properly diagnosed and explaining what it means with breast health in Jackson has garnered acclaim from across the nation. She is highly sought-after for her expertise and appears frequently in television interviews, presentations, podcasts, and online publications.

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