Kimberly’s insight allows her to reach people in a very personalized way, which is a strengthening force for her patients and their families. Getting diagnosed with a life threatening breast diagnosis in Jackson can be a transformative experience in her care. As a trained Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, she has the technical expertise to provide a proper diagnosis with lifestyle management or non-stimulant behavior modification therapy. As a life threatening breast diagnosis success story, she has the personal experience that encourages her clients and their families to find the opportunities often buried underneath the stigma.

She believes that

active, non-judgmental discussions will persuade breast trauma sufferers and their families to find their voice on a public stage, eliminating the dangerous stigma that prevents individuals from seeking out the support they need. Not only is she an Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider with an impressive background, but she also carries with her the diagnosis. Yet, it has never held her back. She promotes relationship-building and strong support systems can revolutionize the way we think and talk about women’s mental health.

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We encourage you to book an appointment with Jackson Mental Health Integrative Medicine specialist, Kimberly Lovelady, today. The introductory evaluation will include an assessment and discussion of potential treatment options. Keep in mind, more than one evaluation might be necessary to conclude the right diagnosis and treatment plan. If you have been looking for an Integrative Wellness specialist for women’s health, you have found one of the best. Not only in Jackson but the entire nation.